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Playdium Bowling Center is dedicated to providing a safe and fun place for children of all ages to come and enjoy bowling. Children love to bowl! That’s just a fact.
It is recommended that youth get at least 60 minutes of exercise everyday. Just 3 games of Bowling is a fun and engaging way to help your kids get their 60 a day!
So why not register your kid(s) for our Youth Bowling League today!

Call 518-438-0300 for more information.



Benefits of joining a youth league/program:

bowling Awesome Awards

bowling Scholarship Opportunities

Playdium Youth Leagues

bowling Membership rewards and discounts

bowling Build self esteem

bowling Enjoy time with family

bowling Tournament competition

bowling Cool bowling shoes

bowling Pizza and trophy parties

bowling Make new friends and learn about teamwork

bowling Have fun!



bowling High school bowling is the fastest growing sport in America

bowling There are no benchwarmers in bowling; everyone participates

bowling Homeschool leagues are quickly becoming popular

bowling Just bowling 2 games completes 40 of your 60 minutes of physical activity for a day, bowl a 3rd game and get your 60 in

bowling Bowling helps shape you up.

bowling Bowling works tendons, joints and ligaments in your arms and legs plus improves balance, flexibility and posture.

bowling Bowling helps with weight control and loss. Bowling 2 games can burn between 320 to 580 calories!

bowling Bowling 2 games exercises 184 muscles while swinging around 576 pounds!

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